Étiquette : heart

A heart thread

A heart that heals, is a miracle
Life grants to every tired soul
That still believes in sunshine,
That has faith in tomorrow,
That sees beauty in pain
And turns darkness into flame.

A thread that stitches up
Every tiny wound bleeding
In a heart mourning,
But fighting to stay alive
Beating against all odds
And pumping little droplets
in its veins.

A heart thread is made of us whole
Made of our hope and thriving,
Our tears and smiling.
It patches the bits and pieces
Into a wonderful canva
Full of colors glowing,
Rainbows and lively heartbeats!

The waiting…

She waited coz she knew
Deep inside her mind
He existed for real
but she was waiting to find
How he’d follow her path
Through the years that he overgrew.

She imagined his features
She felt his heart beats
Before she let an eye on him
She knew she’d embrace
This wonderful adventure
With him, so full of grace.

She deeply fell in love
With every single line
That time has drew
On his charming face.
For every time he smiled,
Years have left on him its genuine trace.

Her soul is full,
And now that he’s in her world,
He lovingly gave her his word,
To cherish her and towards him to always pull.
Together, they will invent their own love story,
And let their heart be amazingly happy!

The language LOVE speaks…


It’s been a while since the idea of writing in english is maturing slowly but surely in my mind. Today, I felt the call so I decided to let my guts guide me into this new adventure.
Actually, it’s not really new to me as I did my university studies in an American university affiliated with the University of New York.

However, it’s the first time since long but it definitely won’t be the last time either. Talking about feelings and expressing different emotions became easier for me in french than in either english or arabic. After all, french is the LOVE and the ROMANCE language. It has an undeniable poetic touch…

I think, write, feel, love, grieve, enjoy in french but still get angry and curse in arabic specially behind the wheel 😁. Instinctively, I turn to my mother tongue to express my frustration and it makes my trio laugh at me every time it happens. Bad me!

Lately, I’ve been living, heart-wise, some thing really special and different from every thing I knew before. I will let time figure it out and life show me the way.

Even though I know how impatient I could be at times for wanting things to happen quicker and on my way (which is not necessarily always the best!), I decided to go easy on me. And let the pieces of the puzzle fall naturally in their right places.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.” Caroline Myss

I always trusted life and it rarely disappointed me so I will let it, one more time, guide me through every thing that comes my way. My heart is confident, light and thankful for being functional at full intensity and power despite all the heartbreaks that it had to go through in the past years. My intuition is telling me to slow down the pace and enjoy it all the way to the big finale.

“The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.”