Catégorie : Poème

A heart thread

A heart that heals, is a miracle
Life grants to every tired soul
That still believes in sunshine,
That has faith in tomorrow,
That sees beauty in pain
And turns darkness into flame.

A thread that stitches up
Every tiny wound bleeding
In a heart mourning,
But fighting to stay alive
Beating against all odds
And pumping little droplets
in its veins.

A heart thread is made of us whole
Made of our hope and thriving,
Our tears and smiling.
It patches the bits and pieces
Into a wonderful canva
Full of colors glowing,
Rainbows and lively heartbeats!


They said home is where love is.
I’d say home is Him.
Home is in his arms,
In the way he looks tenderly at me,
In the way he adjusts my scarf around my neck on a cold day.
His love is the home I looked for in my darkest nightmares.
He’s my shore after a long struggle not to drown.
On his chest, I find peace and warmth.
On his lips, I taste his softness.
He holds my hand so I walk steadier.
He walks beside me so I go farer.
He awoke a kind of love I didn’t know it existed inside of me.
He helped me polish my fade colored wings.
He added shine to my tired smile.
And now, nothing can stop me from reaching high,
Coz he promised to be there with open arms to welcome me home after each fly…

Oser être

Oser être qui tu es
Accepter de tout délaisser
La peur, l’hésitation,
Le regard blâmeur, désapprobateur
Rempli de frustration
Et qui dérange ton ptit coeur!

Oser rêver d’arc-en-ciel
Aux belles couleurs pastelles
Accepter l’inconnu
Sans crainte d’être perdu
Ouvrir ton âme
À toute nouvelle flamme.

Oser crier sur tous les toits
Et dire à haute voix
Dans ta tête, ce qui se trame
Afin de sortir le silencieux vacarme
Qui assourdit ton être
Et si difficile à admettre.

Oser accepter tes désirs
Et assumer tes plus secrets plaisirs
S’aimer et follement aimer
Coeur, corps et âme donner
Sans regrets, le moment vivre
De baisers et de caresses, devenir ivre.

Oser regarder la lumière en face
Trouver sous le soleil ta place
Être libre et te libérer
De tes chaînes, de tout c’qui peut t’aliéner
Et à ton tour, montrer le chemin
Pour semer l’espoir en demain.

Le manque de toi

Le manque de toi me saisit,
Telle une faim inassouvie.
Tes mots résonnent en moi
Et réchauffent mon coeur froid.

L’envie de plonger dans ton regard,
Me remplit de beaux espoirs.
Apprendre à apprivoiser ton absence,
C’est mon pain quotidien, ma résilience.

Chaque nouvelle retrouvaille
est un grand feu de paille.
Du bout des doigts, tes caresses,
Témoignent de ta sublime tendresse.

Tu me déchiffres avec un sourire,
Mes frissons agrémentent ton plaisir.
Mes lèvres dessinent ton visage,
Et se délectent de ta peau sauvage.

Tes bras sont mon hâvre de paix,
Seul endroit où je veux être désormais.
Ma chaleur énivre tes sens,
et accroît leur effervescence.

Un nouvel au revoir, un dernier baiser,
On se quitte pour mieux se retrouver.
Pour ton amour, je l’accepterai,
Et de l’attente, je ne me lasserai jamais!

The waiting…

She waited coz she knew
Deep inside her mind
He existed for real
but she was waiting to find
How he’d follow her path
Through the years that he overgrew.

She imagined his features
She felt his heart beats
Before she let an eye on him
She knew she’d embrace
This wonderful adventure
With him, so full of grace.

She deeply fell in love
With every single line
That time has drew
On his charming face.
For every time he smiled,
Years have left on him its genuine trace.

Her soul is full,
And now that he’s in her world,
He lovingly gave her his word,
To cherish her and towards him to always pull.
Together, they will invent their own love story,
And let their heart be amazingly happy!

Living on the edge

Living on the edge
Accepting what has gone
Waiting for what’s coming
Dreaming with eyes wide open
Breathing life till drunkenness
Taking risks but trusting
Challenging to go far and beyond
Living on the edge
Holding tight to own’s root
Recreating yourself now
Refusing ordinary and normal
Welcoming your new you
Laughing until madness
Crying until healing
Dancing under the rain
Sleeping under the stars
Reaching for the moon
Singing your soul out
Touching your heart
Listening to its beats
Jumping in the void
Taking the leap
Holding your breath
Flying above the clouds
Trusting your guts
Following your wildest dreams!
Living on the edge
coz it’s what’s meant to be!