My story, mine only!

Meeting him was a coincidence.
The most beautiful coincidence destiny reserved me.
Falling for him was a conspiracy of the stars and the universe.
Wanting to spend my years with him is a life decision, my life decision. Our life decision!

He’s my smile’s mastermind. My soulmate, my friend and my life partner. He’s part of me and owns the key to my heart.
He enhances the taste and the color of my happiness, making it glowier and more shiny.
This man was put in my way to guide my steps and to hold my hand to allow me to walk better, to stand by me through my quest for the stars, to celebrate my success and to comfort my fears, the fears that you never had to live!
Life planned our encounter and prepared us for each other.
And we became one hell of a team!

Telling me to think thoroughly,
Advising me to take my time,
Thinking you know better than me what concerns only me, are no one’s affairs.
You weren’t in my shoes when I was fighting all alone to get back on my feet again,
You weren’t aware what I had to go through to be this woman standing tall and proud, this woman teaching her children to be strong, free, fighters and careless about the opinions of persons like you!

Now I’m ready for the next chapter of my story. Our story. The best I ever had to have. The story that you dream about but you won’t ever live because it’s mine and only!

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